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Monday, 12 May 2008

Ferry Capsizes, Pirates Possibly Involved

Ferry Sinks Near Haiti, Pirates Suspect

A ferry off the coast of Haiti capsized due to "overcrowding" Saturday night. Over 100 passengers were able to swim to safety as the boat sank. Eleven bodies were found, five of which were children.

The boat was reportedly on a two-day trip to Porte-au-Prince, transporting passengers, charcoal and food. According to U.N. peacekeeping spokesman David Wimhurst, the boat became "overcrowded" after several stops taking on passengers and cargo.

Nice try, U.N.

Several reports of an unidentified "ratty-looking" ship were filed last week by merchant vessels off the coast of Cuba. I take this to mean: Pirates.

The very pirates who were the scourge of the waters off the coast of Somalia last month have relocated to the West Indies or swarmed ALL SEAS. And if they haven't: I suggest they do.

We wait now in hopes that our newsmaking brigands come back into the spotlight.

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satire and theology said...

That is sad about the children, especially.

I posted a new article and mentioned the subject of blog troll in the last photo. A blog troll struck (again) in the previous Site Meter posting in comments (I just read the Bible).

Your blog is looking good, Jacob.

Jacob Karnas said...

HOW IS your Blogtroll? Have you been feeding him regularly?

ALSO: Thank you. I enjoy writing it. I am heppy you enjoy reading it.

satire and theology said...

Mr. Blog Troll has had two comments, and we shall see if there are more, and if I publish any more of them.

Perhaps he should starve...