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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

THIS JUST IN: The Newborn Prince of Cambridge Has Been Named

You heard it here first.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have issued the name of their newborn son, the Prince of Cambridge, and you won't believe what it is: &

That's right, &.

In a bold move eschewing formal tradition, Prince William Duchess Catherine have decided upon the name taking a cue from the American music artist Prince. Their son, & Philip William James Louis (who will be called Ampersand or 'Ampy' as his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II insists upon calling him), is in good health on leaving the Lindo Wing at Saint Mary's Hospital in London.

"It's a most blessed occasion and a fitting name for the changing times," says Philip Gallagher, a personal aide to the Archbishop of Canterbury. "With the new laws on homosexual marriage, while His Grace does not primarily approve, it does show a great leap forward in both modern culture and that of the heavily outdated and archaic traditions we dearly uphold."

Having already been fitted for breeches and dress boots, the newborn was seen out in the fields training with his father in the Equestrian arts shortly after arriving home for the first time. Most posh, indeed.

[That is all.]

Thursday, 18 July 2013

PETA Condemns 'Pacific Rim' For Promoting Anti-Monster Sentiments

Animal-Rights Group PETA Says del Toro Has Gone "Too Far, Too Deep"

The Norfolk, Va-based group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has called out famed Mexican director Guillermo del Toro for instigating so-called "monster-based hatred and aggression" in his new film 'Pacific Rim'. Depicting a near-futuristic Earth locked in struggle with an invading alien/monster force wreaking havoc from the depths of the ocean, the summer blockbuster promotes the killing and dismemberment of the beastly aggressors according to PETA and that has them crying foul.

"Monsters have rights too, you know," says Phillip Gallagher, head of PETA's Media and Entertainment Animal Treatment division, or MEAT.

The organization has taken to picketing movie theaters playing the film. Tens of members nation wide have grabbed their signs and proverbial pitchforks and taken to the sidewalks in efforts to stop movie-goers from viewing the "hate-filled destruction of monsters and monster-kind", spoiling the film for dozens.

"These people have a right to know that it's not just a robot movie, but also an ode to the outright murder of monsters," says Gallagher.

Claiming that the illegal exotic-animal parts trade is shown in a comical light, PETA has enlisted Greenpeace's help in castigating the film. Greenpeace has taken to the sea in efforts to admonish the crass treatment of the aquatic monsters. What their plan is has yet to be understood by the general public or even Greenpeace volunteers themselves. PETA has also contacted the Center for the Safety of Intergalactic, Inter-Dimensional and Interplanetary Beings informing them of the injustices represented to which the CSIIDIB replied, "It's just a movie, guys".

Del Toro has refused to comment on the protests but has confirmed to us that 'Pacific Rim' is just the first film of a guadrilogy.

[That is all.]

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

On Fisticuffs

Dear B---------------,

Having been a member of Her Majesty's service (as you well know), may it be known that during my travels to the ends of the Earth and back I have been a part of quite a few 'knuckle-a-does', or skiddlythrawlups as they have been called. Scuzzykunduits are quite the rush and do bring forth the adrenaline in a way that one may not know friend from foe. Due to this, you see, many allies are downed and sometimes killed during skirmyblankgoslits and I am writing to better help my fellow Englishman in his future dealings with such things.

As a man of pedigree and sophistication, of course with my high status and careful upbringing under a father who is currently seated in the House of Lords, I was taught by much trashing and horrible (but sound) beatings whenever I had erred. This, my friend, is the way of high society and quasi-royal blood. I was not to fight back until I had proved my worth by capturing, with my bare teeth mind you, one specimen of the most base, vile and feared wild predator in our fair land: the dreaded hamster.

I will not regale you with my most daring and unpusillanimous retrieval of the stark predator as I am certain it will bore you greatly.

The night I returned with the animal clenched between my teeth like a man, an English man, my father allow'd the most honourable of trashings to be had on his body. I beat him thoroughly, my friend. Yes I did. A colour his pasty white exterior had never to that day exuded.

But I feel I have, in my punch-drunk stupor (you see, I have just thoroughly endured a terrible and unforgettable beating myself. The other chap is clearly dead -he lies before me in my study; bloodied, red and smelling of death before me as I have just racked his body with so many flitterpomps and tern-o-blix in life that he keeled over, quite dead and seething of the very gin I had poured him only twenty-five minutes ago, before he called my last-century painting of the King a forgery) I have diverged from the point. And again.

The point, dear B--------------- is, don't take any guff from anyone, be they the Prince (as I have so thoroughly shattered (and presumably killed) or any Chinese dock-worker (as I have so thoroughly shattered and killed many).

Yours, as always,

Percival Chesterfield-Kensigton IV

[That is all]

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Recovered Picasso A Fake, Leads To Forger's Capture

SCANDAL As Preschooler Proves To Be Pursued Art Forger

Art collectors and museum curators are baffled today as the recovered Picasso drawing Tete de Femme, stolen on Tuesday from its home in a San Francisco art gallery, has turned out to be a forgery.

What's more is the fact that the suspected forger is four-year-old Rohan Kerrigan, a local Napa, California preschooler.
The suspect, 30 year old Mark Lugo told police that he had already given the $275,000 drawing to his employer before swallowing a dose of cyanide. Detectives have concluded that Lugo planned to replace the artwork with a forgery for which he had commissioned Kerrigan.

A warrant was issued providing legal search of the Kerrigan household which proved to uncover many more apparent forgeries, all of them Picasso-esque. Art critic for the San Francisco Observer Jessyka Yancy stated, "[the] forgeries are not very good. I can't even tell what she's trying to copy."

"On second thought, the forgery could very well look completely different than the original," Yancy added. "It's a Picasso

- they ALL look like a little kid drew them!"

Kerrigan has been represented by her father, recently retired Air Force Col. Joseph Kerrigan, who states that the supposed 'forgeries' found within the home were merely the scribbles of a child and mostly schoolwork. FBI spokesman Phillip Gallagher countered this claim: "Similar thefts and uncovered forgeries have been reported within a 30 mile radius of each of Kerrigan's duty-stations over the last three years."

"We move to oust Rohan Kerrigan as the international art forger and thief," he added.

On further investigation, it appears that supervillain Allen Stanford is responsible for the art theft, having thanked the San Francisco FBI branch for the drawing via a huge two-way screen - it looks great above his toilet.

[That is all]


It was in the Summer of 1883 that I signed on to study with the American scientist Ignatius Donnelly. He had chartered a vessel out of Karachi, which I boarded after completing my work in establishing the University of the Punjab. We were to reach Cape Horn in Early October.

I began my studies with Mr. Donnelly, a stout man with the face of a fat woman. He was a learned man and a politician (for which I must make note that the two are not commonly associated - Ha!), though it was his work on the lost civilization Atlantis that had grasped my keen eye for adventure and led me to become his pupil.

I use that word 'pupil' very loosely, however, as Mr. Donnelly (an IRISH American, might I add) regularly took to the bottle in excess. This made it difficult -nay- IMPOSSIBLE to understand his lectures on the fabled continent. I failed to mention that he was coordinated enough (in the least) to hold regular lectures. Always sauced, sometimes even in the nude.

How I came to know so many naturists is beyond my knowledge*.

Not long after the voyage began, the ship journeyed in the Sundra Straits of the West Indies. One of the most harrowing experiences of my entire life.

It was the seventeenth day of August when we came near an island that had been experiencing an interesting volcanic pattern as of late. Donnelly supposed that he could perhaps learn more on the demise of Atlantis by observing these occurrences - or at least that's what I gather he was planning. As I've stated before, he was a slovenly drunk. When the captain refused to make port on the island (or so I believe - the captain, too, was an awful drunk), Donnelly stole a lifeboat and made for Krakatoa island.

Fearing that my tutelage had come to an abrupt end before even reaching the halfway point to our destination, I pleaded with the captain. But he did nothing but fall asleep next to a bulkhead and belch and flatulate a lot.


I retired to my cabin below deck to write mother that I would soon be returning home, noting the time (shortly after ten o'clock am) when the loudest sound I had ever heard forced me to jump across the room - the sound AND the fact that the ship had been lurched nearly a furlong in distance. The subsequent explosions were no less grand. Looking back, the entire island shuddered and looked as though it would crumble before my eyes. I ventured to top deck to find that the captain and half the crew had been killed instantly by the thunderous clap and for Donnelly I feared the worst.

I commandeered the vessel and made full steam for South America.

After finally returning to civilization after the Guerra del Pacífico, it was in the next year that I learned that Ignatius Donnelly was in fact STILL ALIVE. He had been blown into the future by the eruption and effectively lost his Congressional campaign when he landed on and subsequently killed his future candidate self.

What a strange man, indeed.

[That is all]



While it is true, Reader, that I have 'slacked off' in the department of updating this BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED and WILDLY INFORMATIVE Blogstation, I will counter this claim by stating that you do not visit regularly. Why should I continue regaling you with the autobiographical tales of a man who rivals the Most Interesting Man In The World* in most respects if you simply DO NOT WANT THEM?

But then I remember that I do not care. The next entry will be up shortly whether you like it or not.

[That is all]

Monday, 4 July 2011


And what a truly excellent 4TH OF JULY it is.

235 years ago today, General George Washington and the Continental Army were steps away from the fleet of Admiral Lord Richard Howe and the King's Army controlled by his brother General William Howe during this extremely tricky bit of the New York Campaign:

Watch it - I'll wait.


Terrible. It just makes you sad. There's such a thick layer of grief and depression hanging over the entire video it almost feels as though Philip Seymour Hoffman is there.

Meanwhile the Continental Congress, led by John Hancock of Massachusetts, was in Philadelphia debating over Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence - slavery being the particular topic. The signing didn't take place until August 2, some say.

The best representation is found on the back of the $2 banknote. Go ahead, check your wallet. If you DO NOT have a $2 bill, you can see it here, commemorated by this little gem:

I will again wait while you watch it.



And that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED that day in Philadelphia, 1776.

You have a few questions, I gather. One such, being - "Is that Mr. Feeny from ABC's Boy Meets World/KITT from Knight Rider?"

I answer with Jefferson's (Ken Howard) impeccable timing: Yes. And the generic Ben Franklin is Howard Da Silva, but you probably don't even know what that means.

And I'm sure they sang at one another just like that.

THAT, however, is the history of why we celebrate TODAY, July 4, every year. It's nowhere near as awesome and glamourous as you may think all of that looked. But it does prove that, apparently, we gained independence with only a few thousand poorly-trained soldiers carrying muskets and a refined singing Congressman from Massachusetts.



Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Greetings, Reader.

You, as I am, are most likely currently residing on the spherical shit-storm known as EARTH. If you are not, please give me your galactic coordinates so I may review this claim because I do not believe you.

I have been a citizen of Earth for just over twenty-six Earth Years (EY). Overall, it's been pretty dismal. If, indeed, you ARE a citizen of Earth, you know exactly what I'm talking about and should need no further explanation. If you are not, I simply say: BULLSHIT.

[That is all.]

Saturday, 4 June 2011



Again, that is. Reader, I have not seen or heard from you in more than a year. Where have you been? What have you been doing while I toil away, day after day writing for YOUR AMUSEMENT?

"Where are the Posts?" you ask? I will tell you.

While you were away, I compiled all the stories, articles, papers and essays together in a compendium for YOU. Since you've decided to return (finally), I've decided to post a new one each week. So you don't miss anything.

HAPPY? I bet you are.

And now...



You're probably thinking (or screaming into your monitor), "MR.KARNAS, Hoboken, New Jersey is clearly labeled on all standard maps of the United States AND EVEN on many standard maps of New Jersey itself (or herself, as I am sure you are a chauvinist)."

I say to you, "That is true."

I also say to you, however, "Who gives a shit?"

Names are everywhere. Names for people, places and things. Some people even share a name with a place or a thing. Take for instance Dakota Fanning, Tennessee Williams, Dave England, Indiana Jones and even Hannah Montana. Not to mention celebrated Mexican squash player Juan Carlos Djibouti. Have you ever met a 'Hoboken Joe' or a 'Stephen P. McHoboken'?

Neither have I.

Now I'm not saying that just because there aren't any 'Yemen Waleds' out there Yemen doesn't really exist (it really doesn't, though), but WHAT I AM SAYING is that I have presented my first case.

Have you BEEN to Hoboken? If you answered yes or nodded your head, I really hate to disappoint you but that was the West Upper West Side of Manhattan, cut off from the rest of the city by Donald Trump in 1984 when he installed the 'Hudson River' so he could drive his yacht to his secret home in Albany. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The West Upper West Side was the cat's pajamas back in its day. The first baseball game took place at the WUWS Elysian Pavilion between the Knickerbocker Club and the New York Nine (the NY Yankees won that game). Frank Sinatra was born blocks away in a secret government laboratory sanctioned by Woodrow Wilson where the 'Entertainment and Variety Company' for the Department of Future War was being painstakingly manifested from scratch.

SUCH A RICH HISTORY. 'The history of Hobken, New Jersey', as it is known these days.

I must ask you, Reader. If it were some city in New Jersey, do you think ANY OF THAT would have been possible? I confirm your reasoning. You are correct: No. None of that would have happened if it were some awful little city in New Jersey. HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY.

But I assure you: There is no such place as Hoboken, New Jersey.

[That is all.]

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


AS YOU KNOW, Reader, I have invented a unit of distance measurement in which the main instrument used is a cigarette. It's quite revolutionary, really. I know.


I have now perfected the Shame Scale [patent pending]!

The Shame Scale is used to determine whether or not something is

a) Horrifically shameful (i.e. The Arizona Cardinals loss in Super Bowl XLIV, your Senior Prom)


b) Barely Shameful (i.e. this Blogstation)


You will notice that the scale only measures shame, as everything is in some way shameful.

FIRST, you will need to determine whether you are measuring a single person or a group or and entire event.

SECONDLY, is the person, group or event typically like this? If yes, move five units to the BS side. If no, move 5 units to the HS side.

THIRDLY, has this ever happened before? If yes or no, move ten units to the HS side.

The scale is 35 units across and five units are generally given per question.
Most of the events or persons you will measure on this scale will surprisingly end up within 5 units of Horribly Shameful.

This is not an error.

[That is all]

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Let's Take A Break From The Unordinary

I would like to skip off the path for a moment to point out that the industry I have for so long desired to be a part of just went COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE.

To clarify: Hollywood is even more fucked up than it once was.

Further clarification: Universal has greenlighted some of the worst ideas ever and the rest of the film industry decided to do the same.

The following films are set for production:

Monopoly (2010) - directed by Ridley Scott
Ouija (2011)
Candy Land (2011)
Clue - directed by Gore Verbinski
Heavy Metal (2010) - directors including Gore Verbinski and David Fincher
Untitled American Idol film - starring Anthony Hopkins as Simon Cowell
Total Recall - remake from Neal H. Moritz
Flash Gordon - Neal H. Moritz producing, Shia LaBeouf rumoured as title character

On the bright side, there are also some good films slated for production AND release soon:

Robin Hood (2010) - starring Russell Crowe as Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham with Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian, directed by Ridley Scott
Bioshock (2010) - directed by Gore Verbinski
21 Jump Street - written by Jonah Hill, Neal H. Moritz producing
Luke Cage (2011) - starring Tyrese Gibson
Knowing - starring Nicholas Cage
Duplicity - starring Clive Owen, Julia Roberts and Paul Giamatti
The Haunting In Connecticut
Angels & Demons
Terminator Salvation
Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
The Year One
Whatever Works

Good outweighs bad. Good job on not sucking COMPLETE ass, 2009 (But you still suck enough).

[That is all]

Monday, 23 February 2009


I apologise to you for my absence, Reader. I do, however, have for you the thrilling conclusion to the letter which I found in a nether-world.

"Nether-world?" you may ask.

Yes, nether-world.

While searching for the second half of the torn letter, I came upon the very same trinket our subject Lord Chesterfield-Kensington happened upon before writing said note. After reading his account, I will let his writing on the event explain what happened to me nearly two months ago as it seems he went through the very same ordeal.


large leather-bound book with enormous hasps. It took me nearly three days to unlock only the first! I finally was able to open the book (which was hand-written in a strange dialect of Latin). At first I thought it to be an odd attempt at humour, yet it commanded that whoever read from the book first speak aloud three words printed on the first page. I did so and was transported to another world. The experience was quite interesting.

There I saw ghastly people about. Skeletal and dead, yet walking about as alive as you or I, were the inhabitants. They seemed hostile and I was thankful to be rescued by a large-chinned man whose name I seem to have forgotten. I couldn't have been there for more than an hour (as the maid said she had seen me not long before when I returned), yet that hour felt as though it were months.

I do not wish to bore you, my friend, and you'll most likely think me a drunkard after reading this. However heed me: Do not enter this house. If I invite you here, do not come. It is most likely Evil Percy, as he is called.

Your dearest friend,

Lord Percival Roderick Ignatius Chesterfield-Kensington IV



[That is all]

Tuesday, 30 December 2008


As you may know, I, Jacob Karnas, have been cataloging stories and other bits of information originally penned by an Englishman which I am compiling into my Mediocre and Macabre section of this blog. I realise that I have given very little information as to who this man was while giving you a great deal of information as to what he had done during his long life.

The man was Percy Chesterfield-Kensington, born 1 June, 1860 in London to Lord and Mrs. Percival Chesterfield-Kensington III. At the moment, that is all that is necessary.

In the stacks of papers I have collected, I found a note written on a torn leaf of paper. It is only the first half, however, and after some thought I decided to include it, although it gives very little information about this great man's life. Here, below, is that note.


FROM THE DESK of Percival Roderick Ignatius Chesterfield-Kensington IV, Esq.

My dear Mr. D------,

It is of greatest importance that I share this with you.

On my last holiday to the south of France, I was informed that a dear friend of mine, Charles B-----------, had passed on and his Summer home near Nice had been left to me. I journeyed there by cab and proceeded to excavate the items left on the premises as had also been requested in the will.

As I moved on through the rooms, I found the most incredible trinkets. One of which was a


Unfortunately, that is where the page was torn. I assure you, Reader, when I find the second half it will surely be posted promptly, as I (and hopefully you, Reader) am very intrigued to find out what was found by our subject.

[That is all]

Thursday, 25 December 2008

On France

Let me just say this: I despise France.

ALL of it.

Almost as much as I despise Ireland. I will detail that later. To great length.

As for France, the reasons for my hate are as follows:

1. The language is condescending. Not so much the people (cretins) who use it, but the entire tone in which it is spoken is of such that the listener feels stupider with every word. This is mainly due to the fact that each word is elongated and sounds much like a camel urinating. If you've never experienced a camel urinating, repeat this phrase: "Bonjour, comment alez-vous?" That is what a camel urinating sounds like. Dreadful.

2. The Notre Dame Cathedral. The fact that a Frenchman wrote a story about the plight of a deaf and dumb misshapen creature living in the bell tower of one of France's greatest landmark goes to show you what these people (cretins) think of religion. ALSO: The name was taken by an American college who dubbed themselves the "Fighting Irish". Did I mention that I hate Ireland?

3. They are undoubtedly fudge-packers. With their love of chocolate, was this any surprise? They love it almost as much as those horrible Germans, only French chocolate tastes like some type of rubber dropped into a pile of sewage. How do I know what that tastes like, you may ask? I've eaten Turkish food.

4. They are swarthy. With their black and white striped skin-tight shirts and beanie-caps, puffing on cigarettes and prancing around on docks, these people most definitely know every kind of sexual disease first-hand. And they take pride in this (note: the French disease).

5. Their Eiffel Tower is nothing more than a giant penis.

These are the reasons I despise France.

[That is all]

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I AM HAPPY that people are happy.

I am also upset that so many people are happy.

I look at the election results and view it as the "change wanted", not the "change needed".

The whole campaign was based on outward appearances. This is apparent due to McCain's age, Obama's race, McCain's "Alzheimer's-look", Obama's religious affiliation... I have spoken with many people who voted for Obama simply because he is black.

I am commonly mistaken for being black. I am really a Maori Pacific Islander. For my entire life, barely anyone has properly guessed my race. Mostly, people think that I am black. I have found that it doesn't change people's idea of who you are. There are good people and bad people in every race, every religion, every age.

Look at Adolf Hitler, for instance. He was a bad person. He killed many officials on his way to becoming Germany's Chancellor, save for von Hindenberg, who died just before he could be done in himself. But did the general public know about this? Of course they didn't. This new chancellor had been making everything better. He was building new roads, new structures, making the economy better. He was a change.

Then he went public with his plans.

I am also Jewish. If you know me in real life, you probably know that I am. I am commonly referred to as "Jacob the Jew", "Jake-A-Jew" or just "Jew". These are my friends, joking because "it's okay". It really isn't. I never proselytized the fact that I'm Jewish. They don't mean any harm, they're just joking around. I understand this. However, I have been verbally assaulted, spit upon and physically threatened on multiple occasions because of the fact that I am Jewish.

People in this country are afraid of one religion above all others. Islam is foreign in all aspects. Sure, the Jewish faith came from near the same area, but we are able to blend in most times. We don't look so different. Wearing a yarmulke, it appears, is less threatening than wearing a hijab.

I understand this. Radical Islam is a very prevalent force in the Middle East. Governments are ruled my extremist Muslims who force strict Koranic law upon their peoples.

It's all relative.

Another note. One such country was attacked by the United States in 2003. It's dictator, a man hated by the citizens of the United States since the late 1980s was overthrown. His name? The middle name of our president-elect.

It is understandable why many are frightened.

You may argue, "if so many people are scared of him, why did he win the election?"

The answer to this is is another question: "What about the rest of the country who did not vote for him?"

So often, people look only at their views. I am not conservative, I am moderate. I look at both sides: Republican and Democratic. If I agree, I agree. It doesn't matter which party, as long as it seems right. I voted no on a law attempting to amend homosexual marriage law that would then make it impossible to ever come to be. How many Republicans would do that?

It's not about party. So many people think "the other party is bad". People can vote however they feel regardless of party-affiliation. It is ridiculous how many people sent me texts belittling me for voting McCain, how many laughed in my face. One friend even said "the conservatives" were immature at the McCain rally last night.

How many liberals were immature to me last night? It happens on both sides. Don't be so blind. I didn't throw a fit, I didn't walk around angry last night. I was having a good time with my friends who were happy that their candidate won. That's what I would have wanted had my candidate won, but I'm sure it wouldn't have happened that way if he did.

[That is all]

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

On Arthur Conan Doyle

I am not going to say that I was the extreme basis for the character Sherlock Holmes, but I will say this: I was the basis for Sherlock Holmes.

While in my final year at the University of Edinburgh in 1880, I met a man by the name of Arthur Conan Doyle. He was an interesting man, fascinated with writing short stories with dreams of sailing a flying ship lifted by balloons across the Atlantic. I was quick to ridicule him for his Verne-ian thoughts and brought his attention to crime stories, stating that "if man were meant to fly, he would have been born with twin Pratt & Whitney J58 engines complete with afterburner and wings". I do not regret this.

During my free time at the university, I enjoyed playing the violin. I also had an incredible knack for being able to tell you bits of obscure information about yourself merely by seeing your clothing. I left the university after graduating in 1881. I met Doyle again in 1886 while traveling through Southsea in Portsmouth. I was in dire need of morphine and stopped into a small physicians office only to find that the physician was none other than Doyle!

He had been writing a short story entitled "A Tangled Skein". It was then that I learned that I was the basis for his main character, Sherlock Holmes. He told me that he had read Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and had become quite fond of crime stories. This may be true, however the bastard always credited that hack Dr. Joseph Bell as his inspiration for Holmes. What a prick.

A great friendship grew from that day on. I accompanied Doyle to Brattleboro, Vermont in the United States in 1893. He was visiting his acquaintance Rudyard Kipling and proceeded to instruct him in the game of golf. It was a jolly good time, all except for the time when Kipling called Doyle a "filthy tea cozy", resulting in Arthur knocking him unconcsious during a bout of fisticuffs.

Doyle and I kept in close contact over the years until his death in 1930. In his will, he left me a pipe and magnifying glass, which I took to mean his quiet apology for the Bell/Holmes connection. In return, I added the unbelievably un-Victorian deerstalker hat to the character's appearance. See you in hell, Doyle.

[That is all]

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


IN 1884, when Octave Mirbeau began writing Le Calvaire, I visited him in his cottage (for he had sent out for a typist as he was badly scarred from a gunpowder accident [prank] while he was in the army). Leo Tolstoy was there, too.

Now Mr. Mirbeau was an odd fellow. I recall hearing him sing to himself to the tune of Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody #2", mainly the finale that you hear in those Tom and Jerry cartoons. The lyrics were his own, of course. I do not wish to relate them now, as they were so grotesque and sexually explicit, they would give even the Marquis de Sade nightmares. The oddest thing, though, is the fact that he DID delight in chasing mice about with hammers and mallets. Odd fellow indeed.

Perhaps this was but a prelude to his "Torture Garden" and Diary of a Chambermaid".

Anyways, one Summer morning I awakened to find Mr. Mirbeau hovering above my bed holding a typewriter. Also, he was nude. This did not bother me so much as he was holding the machine so it covered his genitals. I did, unfortunately, have quite a difficult time typing on it and thus sent for a replacement. Tolstoy was not amused.

In time, a fond friendship grew between Mr. Mirbeau, Mr. Tolstoy and myself. On many occasions, I accidentally called Mr. Tolstoy "Mr. Dostoevsky". He would laugh and laugh and then hold me captive in the icebox. He said it was like Russia in Winter. I told him he had never been to Siberia. He said "Dostoevsky has!" then laughed heartily. We then joked about "Crime and Punishment", until I realised that I was really talking aboiut "War and Peace". He would then lock me in the icebox again.

After shadow-writing for Mirbeau, I left. I do not know what happened to them after that year and a half I spent in his cottage. Nor do I know who his typist was for his later works. I can only assume that a parcel I received three years later from an "Otto and Leo" was really from them. I could not tell. It was an envelope addressed to me: no letter, nothing inside.

Odd fellows indeed.

[That is all]

Sunday, 12 October 2008


AS A BONUS, dear Readers, here is the sequel to the previous poem. But first, here is the story of why I wrote them:

When I was a lieutenant in Her Majesty's Royal Army, I was stationed in India. This land promised an extension of our great Empire and brought many opportunities, especially to our more seasoned officers. All day, they would laze about in the shade of an umbrella, their wide, bushy white moustaches quivering from the humidity, eating their sweets and sipping West Bengalese Darjeeling. This was the rest they deserved after long, tedious careers of attending royal parties thrown by influential aristocrats and marching up and down the square.

Anyways, once, I had the honour of shaking hands and having a cup of tea with none other than royal adviser and former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. I have, alas, forgotten most of the details (for what we spoke of was droll and of little interest to me). I can tell you this, however: I was thinking of my wife back in England, and it was for her that these two poems were written. My pretty little Eleanor, with eyes like daffodills and hair like the Summer sun. Whose skin was soft and radiant like the sky above. Either her or the beautiful native courtesan girl I had buggered when we crossed through Badnur.

An Inquest (Part II)

Depression. Gloom. Dust. Blood.
Tears; Streaming from a picture,
Smeared. Ruined voices in a bowl

Devestation. Things aren't as they seem.
Words flowing through the air.
Restitution of oneself. Retribution in of oneself,
In fear

Revolt. The overthrow.
Wonderous battles in your mind,
For the greater good; to realise

Volume. Louder, by the second. A noise,
The sound of your voice, softly.
Utter what is, what is not. Somewhere.
Someday. Sometime

Venomous. Sharp and painless.
Elastic looks; craving. The expressions burn,
An unyielding desire

Carnal. Urge. Lust.
Senses lead to nervous actions,
For tonight. Why not always?
They are ours to share

Sickness. Love. Care.
Think. This may go on beyond.
What's next? Has the good come?
I've said it before, dear.
It has already come

[That is all]


IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT to my attention, Readers, that you thirst for CREATIVITY. Here, I bring nothing but the best. However, if I find that any of my work has been stolen, I will surely alert the proper authorities.

To best ensure your non-capture and severe punishment by torture, I implore that you, dear Reader, purchase the U.S. Safe Use and Practices of Copyrighted Works manual. This guide will teach you how to read, view and use copyrighted literature, motion pictures and the like. The U.S. Safe Use and Practices of Copyrighted Works manual can be found out front of Mr. Sam's barber shop at 140 Adams St. in West Newton, Massachusetts, sold by a small orphan under my employ.

AND NOW: Another poem.

An Inquest

Death. Love. Destruction. Beginnings.
Blossoming; Forced words uttered under,
Sex. Broken thoughts upon the floor

Tenacious. Truth brings a new light.
Average persons meeting in average places.
Thoughts become actions. Actions become moments,
In time

Intermission. Events held in history.
Puzzle pieces, fitted together to create,
On a larger scale; a lifetime

Birth. Anew, slated by ages. A testimony,
To reason, an answer to why.
The questions, a plethora. Where, you ask.
What. Who and How

Wonderment. Disbelief and disillusion.
Fortunes fade; an epoch. Reality brings,
To you an understanding

Sadness. Deceit. Lies.
Rigorous facts find new owners,
Every day. Where are we?
We have become the wind

Darkness. Bursts. Fog.
Breathe. The worst has passed us by.
What's next. Is the good to come?
It's here for us now, dear.
It has, already come

[That is all]

Saturday, 11 October 2008

The 100% Always On-Time Always Reliable See You Never Exit

HERE, for your amusement, Reader...

ANOTHER POEM! Along the same lines of the last, this is, I am sorry to say, not ANYWHERE near as happy as the last... yet it will still AMAZE you.


The 100% Always On-Time Always Reliable See You Never Exit

Deceit. Lies. Resentment. Pain.
Words; tumble out of your mouth,
Recognisable, they change everything

Anger. Words cannot describe
Burning radiantly through.
I try to hide. But the anger burns true,
And Darkens

Transformation. You're different.
You aren't who you were,
You've changed; I see

Trusting. Leaving. Wallowing.
Enslaved. Sadness crawls inside.
Can you be? Weren't we happy?
The past is empty, love.
I must go.

Is that not MEDIOCRE or MACABRE enough for you? Can you not FEEL your sadness - your dark and gloomy sadness within?

[That is all]