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Sunday, 12 October 2008


IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT to my attention, Readers, that you thirst for CREATIVITY. Here, I bring nothing but the best. However, if I find that any of my work has been stolen, I will surely alert the proper authorities.

To best ensure your non-capture and severe punishment by torture, I implore that you, dear Reader, purchase the U.S. Safe Use and Practices of Copyrighted Works manual. This guide will teach you how to read, view and use copyrighted literature, motion pictures and the like. The U.S. Safe Use and Practices of Copyrighted Works manual can be found out front of Mr. Sam's barber shop at 140 Adams St. in West Newton, Massachusetts, sold by a small orphan under my employ.

AND NOW: Another poem.

An Inquest

Death. Love. Destruction. Beginnings.
Blossoming; Forced words uttered under,
Sex. Broken thoughts upon the floor

Tenacious. Truth brings a new light.
Average persons meeting in average places.
Thoughts become actions. Actions become moments,
In time

Intermission. Events held in history.
Puzzle pieces, fitted together to create,
On a larger scale; a lifetime

Birth. Anew, slated by ages. A testimony,
To reason, an answer to why.
The questions, a plethora. Where, you ask.
What. Who and How

Wonderment. Disbelief and disillusion.
Fortunes fade; an epoch. Reality brings,
To you an understanding

Sadness. Deceit. Lies.
Rigorous facts find new owners,
Every day. Where are we?
We have become the wind

Darkness. Bursts. Fog.
Breathe. The worst has passed us by.
What's next. Is the good to come?
It's here for us now, dear.
It has, already come

[That is all]

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