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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Senate Votes On $700B "Feed The Rich" Bill

Senators Hope That Bill Will Save Them, Other Immensely Wealthy
Yesterday, in an attempt to bailout the economy, the U.S. Senate voted in favour of saving themselves and the rest of the 1% of the population's wealthy and powerful.

The House vote on 29 September proved unsuccessul for the amendment by a margin of 228 to 205.

With the vote ending at 74-Yea 25-Nay, President George W. Bush said that he "applauds the Senate on their strong bisexual vote". Moments later, he retracted his statement and released a new one, changing the word bisexual to artesian. After a White House speech writer whispered into his ear, President Bush again retracted his statement saying, "Bipartisan. Whatever, you know what I mean." This was followed by that little chuckle he does.

The bill proposed tax breaks for businesses, tax credits for the use of alternative energy, increase in deposit insurance limits (FDIC) and tax reductions for victims of severe weather. Something about "sinking ship", "nation's rich, powerful" and "get out now" were briefly seen on page 61 before Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson turned the page.

Also seen were references to "Ha ha ha! Power! Unlimited spending power!" These, however, can not be confirmed.

The bill, [suprisingly] opposed by many Republican politicians, needed only 60 votes under legislative rule to approve the amendment and the bill. All but one senator, "political Jesus" Ted Kennedy-D, voted.

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