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Wednesday, 8 October 2008



...for the return of the MEDIOCRE and the MACABRE!

You, Reader, will now find such interesting facts as:

1. The Polish were once a race of half-bird, half-human cave-dwellers who were forced from their homeland situated in what is now Australia by their demigod as punishment for creating common work tools.

2. Prince Charles wears a common toupee... made from the hide of the last sabretoothed tiger!

3. Most Tanzanians worship a three-legged stool they have cleverly named "Fido".

...and other amazing facts in time. They will be available to you at the Jacob Karnas BlogStation found at this very blog!

Read and be AMAZED.

But first: A poem I wrote.

Soulular Catechism

Happiness. Joy. Merriment. Rain.
Words; tumble out of your mouth,
Unrecognisable. They mean nothing

Beauty. Words cannot describe
Glowing radiantly through.
You try to hide. Hide away from the world,
To blend in

Verification. You understand.
You are who you are,
that will never change; you see

Compassion. Caressing skin. An angel,
Your skin is like velvet, soft.
Tenderness in your tone, your eyes. Dreaming.
Staring. Forcing.

Unconditional. Yet Loving and longing.
A wind blows; knowing. The air smooths,
Together for once

Wonder. Amazement. Testing.
Peering into my soul,
your eyes. What do they see?
A lonely boy

Touching. Leading. Following.
Saved. Sadness falls away.
Can I be? What will happen?
The future is fickle, love.
I do not know.

Is that not the BEST poem ever written? Do you not HUNGER for more just like it? Stay-tuned, Reader, for there will be.

[That is all]


satire and theology said...

3. Most Tanzanians worship a three-legged stool they have cleverly named "Fido".

Man, if I saw anyone's stool with three legs I would run the hell away from there. Where was a Doctor of Gastroenterology when needed?

Is this where evolution took us at one point?

thekingpin68 said...

Or, I suppose someone could have attempted to sit on the stool and use it as a form of transportation.

cristina said...

soon you will work with me.