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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Recovered Picasso A Fake, Leads To Forger's Capture

SCANDAL As Preschooler Proves To Be Pursued Art Forger

Art collectors and museum curators are baffled today as the recovered Picasso drawing Tete de Femme, stolen on Tuesday from its home in a San Francisco art gallery, has turned out to be a forgery.

What's more is the fact that the suspected forger is four-year-old Rohan Kerrigan, a local Napa, California preschooler.
The suspect, 30 year old Mark Lugo told police that he had already given the $275,000 drawing to his employer before swallowing a dose of cyanide. Detectives have concluded that Lugo planned to replace the artwork with a forgery for which he had commissioned Kerrigan.

A warrant was issued providing legal search of the Kerrigan household which proved to uncover many more apparent forgeries, all of them Picasso-esque. Art critic for the San Francisco Observer Jessyka Yancy stated, "[the] forgeries are not very good. I can't even tell what she's trying to copy."

"On second thought, the forgery could very well look completely different than the original," Yancy added. "It's a Picasso

- they ALL look like a little kid drew them!"

Kerrigan has been represented by her father, recently retired Air Force Col. Joseph Kerrigan, who states that the supposed 'forgeries' found within the home were merely the scribbles of a child and mostly schoolwork. FBI spokesman Phillip Gallagher countered this claim: "Similar thefts and uncovered forgeries have been reported within a 30 mile radius of each of Kerrigan's duty-stations over the last three years."

"We move to oust Rohan Kerrigan as the international art forger and thief," he added.

On further investigation, it appears that supervillain Allen Stanford is responsible for the art theft, having thanked the San Francisco FBI branch for the drawing via a huge two-way screen - it looks great above his toilet.

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