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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Times Finally Change: Universities Allow Co-Ed Dormitories, Elderly Furious

Social-Ludditism Finally Gives Way In University Living

Times are finally changing. Universities and colleges across the nation are allowing the unspeakable: co-ed living arrangements in dorms.

Wesleyan University, Brown and California Institute of Technology have all opted for open living arrangements with Stanford University soon to follow suit. Not everyone, however, is happy with this change in once-1950's America. "This would have been an outrage in my day," says one Phillip Gallagher, 75. "We weren't allowed to when we were young, why should they?"

Bitter letters have been flooding deans' offices all across the United States. "They're just going to have to deal with it," says Dean Derby Hastings of Haverstatham University, located in Framingham, Massachusetts. "It's unfair reasoning. Just because they couldn't do something, they always try to ruin it for the younger generations."

That is all.

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