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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Fermenting Tension Pops Cork In Iran

(Possible) Revenge Served At Room Temperature
This may or may not have been the case late Saturday night when police officials in Shiraz, Iran say a bomb may or may not have caused an explosion in a mosque that left an estimated 9 people [possibly] dead and 105 [maybe] wounded.

The expolsion [perhaps] shattered windows in nearby houses and buildings nearly a kilometre away [may have] felt the blast. The [possible] Governor General, Mohammad Ibrahim Ansari Lari, stated "there was no bomb."
"Initial surveys about the cause of the blast have proved there has been no bomb involved in the incident and, therefore, there (are) other probable causes," the governor general said.
Other causes, according to police officials, include:

1. Notorious Bordeaux terrorist, Cabernet "Big Red" Sauvignon
2. The "White Zinfandel"
3. The dastardly "Pinot Gang": Noir, Gris, Meunier and Grigio
4. Chardonnay, leader of the Méthode Champenoise (may be connected to the "Pinot Gang")
5. Sam Beam of Iron & Wine

That is all.

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