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Thursday, 17 April 2008

French Hold Pirates For Yacht-Pillaging

Pirates Held In Paris Brig For Commandeering Luxury Yacht

Six men are being held in Paris courts for questioning regarding the hijacking the French luxury yacht "Le Ponant" off the coast of Somalia on 4 April. No charges have been filed as of yet, but officials say they will most likely be brought down by an overwhelming amount of "scalliwaginess".

The yachts crew of 30 were held hostage for a week. The pirate plot was foiled when French Navy vessels, surprisingly also luxury yachts, arrived in the area. The swashbucklers released 30 hostages and tried to escape, chased across the Somalian desert by French helicopter gunships in a dramatic attempt to abscond with their booty: the 2 million dollar ransom for release of the prisoners. One of the cars driven by the daring buccaneers was disabled and they then attempted to get away by foot but were apprehended shortly thereafter.

The French Navy held the scurvy dogs aboard the luxury warship "Lady Moura" until clearance was given to transport them to Paris.
It is unknown how many were involved in the hijacking and how many are still on the loose. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs presumes that between 12 and 15 were present when the hostages were taken. Although the hostages were unharmed, an unidentified crew member noted that the captain attempted to hide the female members of the crew out of fear they might be raped.

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