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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Likeable Senator Panders to Flaming Society

(For "Likeable Senator Kisses Gay Ass", please see the latest issue of The Advocate)

Presidential Hopefuls Urge For Lift On Gay Ban

You may be aware of the current dilemma plaguing the United States Armed Forces. No, I am not speaking of the talks to pull U.S. forces from Iraq after five years of fighting. I speak of the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that has defined the U.S. military for years. Ha!

President hopeful, Senator Barack Obama, had this to say during an interview with the notoriously homosexual magazine The Advocate:

"I would never make this a litmus test for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but I think there's increasing recognition within the Armed Forces that this is a counterproductive strategy."

This isn't as noble as it sounds. All of the current candidates are vying for this, especially hippie-favourite Hillary Clinton. The only thing that makes Obama different is that he is, indeed, black.

Obama also had this to say, "...[we're] spending large sums of money to kick highly qualified gays or lesbians out of our military, some of whom possess specialties like Arab-language capabilities that we desperately need. That doesn't make us more safe."

This may be good and fine, but I ask: "more safe"? Let us be serious.

It appears this interview was thrown together quickly (as to account for the bad grammar) after Obama was criticized for not speaking to the "gay media" on this subject. He has also said that he could see a repeal on the policy as well as a signing of legislation to ban workplace discrimination on gays.

"Next they'll be wanting to vote," says U.S. Army General Phillip Gallagher.

Having been in the United States Armed Forces, I do realize the problem. I also realize that this problem is not so much a deterrant to gays, but a deterrent to pussies.

Yes, pussies. Those many young men and women who join the military who, once they understand that it is not for the faint of heart, attempt to escape through Behavioral Analysis Services stating that they are homosexual. What a cop-out. I saw this happen repeatedly during my tenure in Medical Hold at Lackland AFB.

How will this repeal affect our nation? It won't. As is known, gay people live and work in all places. This, however, excludes most rural areas below the Mason-Dixon Line, but then, who with morals would live there? Does it affect us when we are helped at our local bookstore by a gay? Or when we are served food at Applebee's? Or when we attend an off-Broadway play cast completely with gays? Of course not. These are all common in our society and we take them for granted. And neither should it affect the military; just because someone is different, it does not mean it is bad. But what else should you expect from the most adolescent country in the world.

That is all.

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