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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Iran Fires Missiles, Throws Fit

Iran Viewed As Threat, Wants To Make Sure World Notices

That asshole Mahmoud Ahmadinejad* is at it again.

In a most assholish move, much like that of North Korean "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il, Iran has fired nine "test" missiles into the Persian Gulf. This comes only one month after Israel conducted a military drill in the Eastern Mediterranean. Both Israel and the United States have voiced concerns over the latest Iranian activities.

This is not unlike the February 2003 North Korean missile-launch that went down 60 km from the peninsula, however, it is viewed as more of a childish fit than North Korea's cry for attention. Iran, at this point, is much more like that weird kid in class that eats the glue and plays in the sandbox by himself.

[That is all]

*Pronunciation: The easiest way to remember Iran's president's name, as Katie Couric has stated, is "I'm a dinner jacket". Of course, the actual pronunciation is Ahm-a-dinn-eh-jad.
For my mother (who is from Massachusetts and can't say "r"), this should suffice: "Arm a dinner jad".

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satire and theology said...

A friend of mine from church lived in Dubai previously. She showed me an impressive promotional brochure for Dubai and the UAE. I do not have the exact wording but the book stated something along the lines that Dubai and the UAE are open to peaceful trade and commerce with all nations and peoples except (surprise, surprise), the state of Israel.

Muslims claim to pay heed to the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, but for quite a few of them in political power, I reason they in reality reject Jesus' concepts to love your enemies and love others as much as you love yourself.