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Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I FOUND THIS photo of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and thought it was hilarious.

BUT: What is he thinking?


[That is all]


jeleasure said...

I did think the picture was funny. I also thought I might visit your site regularly. That was until I read so many uses of profanity.

Jacob Karnas said...

JUDGING BY THE many Readers of this Blogstation, I really think that it takes a certain type of person to enjoy what is to be found here.

ALSO: Was it necessary to comment your dissatisfaction? Really?

As I have viewed your blogs (yes, three regularly updated blogs), I find that as the information you have compiled together is quite informative and also EXTREMELY religious, I MAY read your blog.


Unfortunately, I must disagree with the "so many uses" of the word (or name) Jesus. You also seem to use the word G-d quite a bit more than is necessary.

You see, I am Jewish. I hold G-d pretty high up, might I say. I hold him so high up that I find it blasphemy to use the word so often when it is clearly just not necessary to do so. This is why I do not fully spell the word.

Where did G-d tell us not to use the words that have horribly offended you? As far as I recall, English was created quite some time after the Leviticus was written... same goes for Deuteronomy.

The English words that have so blatantly offended you (which I will refrain from using in hopes that you will read what I have to type here) have not been placed on a blacklist by anyone but the FCC and those self-righteous enough to feel they must belittle others for their "lack of morals", etc.

I have many Readers.

My Readers enjoy what is posted on this blog 3 or more times per week.

This blog is for comedy purposes only. None of the news is 100% realistic.

If I offended you, I do not apologise. I do apologise that you had to go and try to make me feel bad that I lost a Reader, or really, a potential Reader as you clearly only read this post and became so upset that blood began pouring from your eyes (?).

There are many blogs like mine. Look, if you can muster up the immoral strength to view this page once more, at the blog links I have. Half or more are quite like All The Flair Of A Filing Cabinet, having such elements as:

1. Profanity
2. Comedy
3. Falsities

The other half are just as wholesome as yours.

AND THEN there is Russell Murray's "Satire and Theology", a healthy mix of both comedy and wholesome.

Would you like to also visit Taylor Genovese's or Ryan McShowoff's blogs and shake a finger in their faces about the so many uses of profanity? How about John Hodgman? He wrote a book full of profanity. His link is on my blog as well.

I may not be the most religious person ever to walk the face of the Earth. Then again, neither are you if you believe that Yeshua bar Yosef was really Yeshua bar Abbas (or Joshua son of The Father)...

PLEASE, in the future, if you come across another blog or any literary work and you aren't satisfied, might I direct you to the link near the top of the page that reads "NEXT BLOG"?

Otherwise, you'll just give someone like me the reason and opportunity to write an extraordinarily long response to your so rude comment about something that I love and others enjoy.

Thank you,

Jacob Walter Karnas

[That is all]

jeleasure said...

I do regret having told you my reasons for not reading your blog. I had hoped that I could benefit from your being Jewish. Really, I have a desire to learn much about the Jewish customs and traditions.
You have already shared something with me that I remember as an ancient reverance for G-d (only out of respect for your beleifs). That is The ancient Jewish people held, to know the name of one's god gave the ability to invoke the god. However, I was not aware of the practice of not spelling G-d out.
The ideas represented by words are what I wish to avoid.

Jacob Karnas said...

IN THAT CASE, sir, I do feel that a healthy conversation can be had.

PLEASE: Email me at

I would love to help you with your Judaic studies.

And to reiterate, this blog has nothing to do with my religion and is merely for comedic purposes only. Please, I beg of you, do not judge me by what is written here.

[That is all]

Taylor said...

I think that the picture is saying:

"Holy fucking shit, jeleasure, calm down. Also: my penis is this big."

Anyway, I thought I might comment on here that was relevant to what you wanted.

Plus Ahmadinejad is an asshole Anti-Semitic and I found it so appropriate that a (I'm guessing Christian) comes to a Jew's blog to complain about profanity on a post involving a well known Anti-Semitic.

This may not make any sense, but as a fellow Jew, it angers me when Christians misinterpret the words of G-d.

Taylor said...

Also, thanks for plugging my site in your response. I love that even in anger, you help a friend out.

Haha, take it easy. Give me a call sometime, we'll hang out again. I want to see your new place.

Jacob Karnas said...

I DO ENJOY the caption (finally). One second while I "LOL".


AND NOW: my take on the picture- I refuse to caption it, as that is for you:

I feel that he may be alluding to the fact that no missiles in Iran should be longer than his penis. It would be very degrading to be the leader of a nation and be constantly firing things bigger than you at your enemies. They would snicker and point and say, "he's firing such big missiles, he must have a complex... or a tiny dick."

[That is all]

I write stories cuz killing is illegal said...

aw. kawaii

especially the conversation with jeleasure...


satire and theology said...

He is perhaps thinking:

I shall teach my troops the new 'Iranian claw' martial arts strike and we shall defeat Israel, and the Great Satan.

He is also perhaps thinking:

I am of course a near morally perfect dictator.