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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Things You Did Not Know About The Author: Article #4

Things You Did Not Know About The Author's Distant Measurement Innovations

I enjoy inventing things. I do not, however, enjoy the long process of building my creations and instead tend to create things that will never be. Theories, though, are my forte. One such theory is my perfected unit of measurement: measuring distances in Cigarettes (Cg).

I do not condone smoking as it is the leading cause of euphoria then death. For those who do smoke, however, here is a great unit of measurement I implore you to test for yourselves.

My cigarette of choice is the Marlboro Red 100, a typically longer cigarette in terms of length and smoking time. One Cigarette is equal to a quarter of a mile, as my stride is generally three feet when walking. This can be easily shown in an equation as:


or, for my stride...

1Cg=440St (St the abbreviation for Strides)

Time can also become a factor if necessary. As Marlboro Red 100's are longer than normal cigarettes, an easy equation can be used to differentiate between the two, say an MR100 and a standard Camel Filter (CF).

The equation holds for Cg=1
cos + isin = cos + isin

Assume it is true for Cg=CF

(cos+isin)k+1 = (cos+isin)Cf(cos+isin)
= (cos(Cf)+isin(Cf))(cos + isin)
= cos(Cf)cos()-sin(Cf)sin() + i(cossin(Cf)+sincos(Cf))
= cos(Cf + ) + isin(Cf + )
= cos((Cf+1)) + isin((Cf+1))

Therefore as it is true for 1 it implies true for 2, 3 etc and so true for all positive and negative Cg.

This is most likely very simple for you and I will not bore you with more methods.

That is all.

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