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Monday, 5 May 2008

Things You Did Not Know About The Author: Article #2

Things You Did Not Know About The Author's Work Habits

As you do not know, in addition to professional screenwriting, I am also a night accountant for a local hotel. You may ask, "what need is there for an accountant at night?" The answer for this is quite simple: Ghosts.

I am often completely swamped with requests by ghosts. They always need something corrected off their bills and I am the one who does that. There are some who are friendly and some who are violent. I take it in stride when I am accosted or otherwise molested because where else can you experience this type of work?

One ghost in particular resides on the fifth floor. He is called Steve because others say he bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Steve Buscemi. I say he looks more like Don Rickles, but none of my coworkers listen. He delights in changing his form back and forth between the two and I applaud him on this skill.

Just the other night I was having an in-depth conversation regarding U.S. Foreign Policy. "Steve," I said, "or Don. Who were you in life?" He stopped short and looked deep in thought for a moment and replied that he was Arizona politician Don Hummel. Completely disinterested, I then went back to work.

Another ghost, residing on the third floor, often causes many problems for me; in this case with the living. Russel, as he is known, enjoys watching movies in occupied rooms while the guests are asleep and calling Estonia and leaving the phone off the hook for hours. This is a pain.

This is but a taste of things that are not commonly known about me, your Author. Prepare for more of the INTERESTING and UNBORING... tomorrow!

That is all.

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