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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Things You Did Not Know About The Author Week

Tonight, and for the rest of the week, we shall transgress the norm and the Reader will be pleased to learn some interesting facts about me, the Author. Colourful stories will also be provided, recounting events that the Author has deemed fit for reading. Here begins...

Things You Did Not Know About The Author's Transportation Habits

Today as I took the city bus (which I tend to do often as gas prices have gone up and driver morale has gone down), I found myself sitting across from a painfully skinny girl wearing an Aeropostale hoodie listening to her iPod. She was heading to the local college and I found all of these features strangely attractive. "Strangely?" you ask. Yes. Because I am gay.

As many know, I was a prominent Brother in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity during my college career. There I was surrounded by girls like this. I learned many useful attributes such as the fine art of beer-guzzling and how to properly berate an underclassman, or as we call them, "Pledges".

"Why are we expected to be so attracted to ditzy blonde preppy girls?" I wondered out loud, then quickly got off the bus one stop ahead of mine to escape further embarrassment.

The thing that many do not realize about Tucson, however, is that many street corners are identical, with a CVS, mexican taco shop and cash advance center in nearly the same configuration on each. Starbuck's are also extremely prevalent with sometimes three or more across from each other at one time.

Adding to my chagrin, I realized too soon what had happened: I had left the safety of the city bus at the wrong stop and was forced to walk to my final destination over two miles away.

Does this not FASCINATE you?

Do you hunger for MORE?

This is but one of the interesting stories that will be recounted throughout this week. Prepare, Reader, for more of the surprising and eventful happenings.

That is all.


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